Change One Thousand Graduation

Over the last five weeks, 28 job seekers have been learning the skills required to land a great job. The first class of the Change One Thousand Skills Academy held a special graduation ceremony and hiring event recently. This momentous occasion allowed participants and their families a chance to recognize their hard work and dedication for the past five weeks.

“The experience of Change One Thousand is powerful; resulting in profound changes in attitude, performance, and fulfillment,” said Tricia Clark, a Change One Thousand instructor. “I look forward to hearing about how this group makes their workplaces, and communities, more effective.”

Change One Thousand was created after numerous conversations with manufacturing companies about the workforce trends that they were observing. Many employers noted that there was a lack of skilled employees and mentioned that soft skills were often lacking. Change One Thousand consists of a Skills Academy that has taught participants soft skills like resume writing and proper work etiquette and other more technical skills as designed by the employers at PIC East and taught in partnership with Bryan University instructors. At the end of the Academy, participants took the National Certified Work Readiness Test to determine their skills in areas like math, writing, and information gathering.