City Utilities Board – January 30, 2014

AGENDA OF A REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF PUBLIC UTILITIES To be held Thursday, January 30, 2014, 3 p.m.
City Utilities’ C. Frank Knox Board Room, 301 E. Central Street

  • Bus Driver of the Year
  • H. Dean Miller Awards presented to Roddy Rogers and Phil Harris

1. Opening Remarks

  • Reminder – Legislative Breakfast – Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2. Approval of Minutes (2a)

3. Public Comment

4. Committee Reports

(any anticipated actions would be listed with the appropriate Committee)

Audit Committee

  • Annual Independent Audit by BKD (4a), (4b), (4c) (action required)

Management & Finance Committee

  • Resolution – Electric Terms and Conditions (4d) (action required)
  • Resolution – Morgan Stanley Contract (4e) (action required)

Plans & Policy Committee

  • Resolution – Extension of the Republic Electric and Gas Franchise Agreements (4f) (action required)

5. Financial Statements (5a) (reporting required and approved by the Board)

6. Resolution – Extension Policy (6a) (action required)
7. General Manager’s Report
  • Operations Update (Stinson)
  • Electric Supply Update (Stodden)
  • Economic Development Update (Thompson)
  • Utility Update (Miller)

Any other items that may properly come before the Board.