– Narcan Testimony

The Springfield Fire Department is proud to partner with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to provide education and outreach information to our community regarding opioid use and the dangers of overdose.  

To help reduce the risk to our community, SFD’s first responders will begin administering naloxone (Narcan) to emergency medical services patients showing signs of opioid overdose.  

Along with the administration of this life-saving medication, firefighters will also provide leave-behind kits at overdose patients’ homes. These kits will provide overdose patients and those who live with them with education on how to protect themselves and others from infection and overdoses, information on treatment facilities, mental health resources and information on how to download the online opioid death prevention app Revive. Along with the education materials, the kits also contain a CPR mouth shield, guidance on how to administer naloxone and two doses of the medication.