Special City Council Meeting – August 29, 2017



Council Chambers
Historic City Hall, 830 Boonville

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 11:30 a.m.

Ken McClure, Mayor

Zone Councilmembers                    General Councilmembers

Phyllis Ferguson, (1)                        Jan Fisk (A)

Tom Prater, (2)                                 Craig Hosmer (B)

Mike Schilling, (3)                             Kristi Fulnecky (C)

Craig Fishel, (4)                               Richard Ollis (D)

     1. ROLL CALL.

  1. SECOND READING AND FINAL PASSAGE. Citizens Have Spoken. May Be Voted On.
  2. Council Bill 2017-212. (McClure)A special ordinance calling a special election to be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, in the City of Springfield, Missouri, to submit to the qualified voters the question of reauthorization of the current level of property tax, which is twenty-seven cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation; authorizing the City Clerk to do all things necessary and convenient to submit said question to the voters; providing for the enactment of said tax if approved; and declaring an emergency.
  3. EMERGENCY BILLS. Citizens May Speak. May be Voted On.
  4.  Council Bill 2017-213. (Hosmer)A special ordinance amending Special Ordinance No. 26900 and Special Ordinance No. 26901, passed by the City Council on June 12, 2017, to reflect the final determination of the Greene County Assessor of the assessed valuation by levying a tax on real and personal property for current expenses and the debt retirement of the City of Springfield, Missouri, and its boards and agencies for the Fiscal Year 2017-2018, and declaring an emergency.
  5.  NEW BUSINESS.Review of upcoming September 5th, 2017 City Council Meeting Agenda
  6.  CLOSED SESSION.City Council will hold a closed meeting to discuss legal actions, causes of action or litigation involving a public governmental body and any confidential or privileged communications between a public governmental body or its representatives and its attorneys pursuant to Section 610.021(1), RSMo.; and this meeting, record, and vote shall be closed and the City Council shall stand adjourned at the end of the closed session