Special City Council Meeting- March 31, 2020

City Council Chambers
Historic City Hall, 830 Boonville

 Ken McClure, Mayor
Zone CouncilmembersGeneral Councilmembers
Phyllis Ferguson, Zone 1Jan Fisk, General A
Abe McGull, Zone 2Craig Hosmer, General B
Mike Schilling, Zone 3Andrew Lear, General C
Matthew Simpson, Zone 4Richard Ollis, General D

Special Council Meeting Agenda
March 31, 2020  12:00 p.m.

This meeting will be conducted both at 830 Boonville and electronically. The public may observe and attend at 830 Boonville (the number of people gathered must be limited to less than 10 so attendees will be divided into groups of less than 10 that may observe from different locations) or the meeting may be viewed at https://cityview.springfieldmo.gov/livestream/.

Speakers must sign up with the City Clerk to speak to an issue on the agenda. Speakers are to limit their remarks to three to five minutes.

Note: Sponsorship does not denote Council member approval or support.




SECOND READING AND FINAL PASSAGE. Citizens Have Spoken. May Be Voted On.


Council Bill 2020-050. (Ferguson)

A special ordinance vacating a public street and alley generally located in the 1500 Block of North Sherman Avenue and in the 900 Block of East Division Street. (Planning and Zoning Commission recommended denial and Staff recommends approval.)Documents:

  1. 2020-050.PDF


Council Bill 2020-055. (Ollis)

A general ordinance amending Chapter 2, Article III, Division 1 of the City Code, Section 2-91, known as the ‘Merit System Rules and Regulations,’ by amending Merit Rule 26, ‘Substance Abuse Policy;’ and Merit Rule 13, ‘Appeals,’ Subsection 13.6, ‘Personnel Board Hearing;’ and establishing an effective date for said Merit Rule changes. (The Personnel Board recommends these changes.)Documents:

  1. 2020-055.PDF



A motion to temporarily adopt a rule coinciding with the Mayor’s proclamation declaring a state of civil emergency to require 1) citizens to contact the City Clerk by 5 p.m. on the Friday before a meeting to sign up to speak regarding a Council bill or 2) to request removal of an item from the consent agenda. The purpose of the motion is to allow for planning to protect public health and safety.6.


Persons addressing City Council are asked to step to the microphone and clearly state their name and address before speaking.

All meetings are recorded.

In accordance with ADA guidelines, if you need special accommodations when attending any City meeting, please notify the City Clerk’s Office at 864 -1443 at least 3 days prior to the scheduled meeting.