Tuesdays with Council – December 22, 2015


  2. SECOND READING AND FINAL PASSAGE. Citizens Have Spoken. May Be Voted On.Council Bill 2015-328. (Ferguson)

    A special ordinance accepting the bid of Hamilton & Dad, Inc., in the amount of $611,994.18 for the construction of sanitary sewers in Sanitary Sewer District No. 183 of Section No. 16, located in the vicinity of Grand Street and West Bypass and indicated on “Exhibit A;” declaring the work to be necessary; stating the intention to pay for all or part of the improvements from the proceeds of bonds; specifying those costs and expenses to be assessed against the properties in the district and the method by which the costs will be apportioned; setting forth the manner of payment, the lien of the assessments, and the duration of the lien; setting forth the interest rate to be charged on the tax bills; authorizing the City Manager, or his designee, to enter into a contract and to approve the bond for said improvement; and authorizing progress payments to be made to the contractor.

  3. NEW BUSINESS.The Committee of the Whole recommends the following appointments to the Board of Public Utilities: Rob Rector, Denise Silvey, and Jeffrey Groves with terms to expire December 1, 2018.

    The Mayor recommends the following appointments to the Mayor’s Commission for Children: Dr. Laura Waters, Kimberly Shinn-Brown, Bria Coale, and Alexis Brown with terms to expire November 29, 2018.



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Special Events Update – Cora Scott

Emerald Ash Borer Update – Casey Jo Kellner

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